One tip on how to make 2015 unforgettable

By Ant_Ycc, enero 9, 2015

By Camilo Russi.

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If you are someone that cares, a change-maker, a learner, an innovator, a doer, if you are looking for meaning and want to make your time on Earth as worth as possible, or if you want to give someone an advice that could make them incredibly happy, this tip could serve you.

Why could this advice be so important? Because it not only applies for 2015, you can apply it now and forever, and because it works.

The tip: Travel, but travel awesome.

About the first part of the advice, why travel? Because your mindset switches to “traveler attitude”, which I believe brings you at least these benefits:

  • You become eager to explore: When you travel, most of the time you are out of your comfort zone, meaning that you are more likely to be alert and curious, you are willing to participate and dare to do things you normally wouldn´t.
  • You easily connect: Not only do you have a drive to connect with locals and other travelers, but you also connect with yourself. You end up knowing yourself better, and making an awesome new network of friends.
  • You get more resourceful and become a strategist: When traveling, there is normally a time and budget limit. You will get pushed think strategically to take advantage of the time and money in the best way possible.
  • You learn better: In a new place you are willing and expecting to be surprised. When you get surprised, you create long-lasting emotional memories in your brain. “People don´t normally remember what you said, but will almost always remember how you made them feel.”
  • You will have tons of fun: When I say fun, I´m not only referring only to learning how to dance salsa, eat delightful chocolate or enter a pogo competition, I´m also speaking about the kind of fun that brings happiness tears to your eyes and makes you have those “Aha!” moments that give more meaning to your existence.

Disclaimer: Notice the tip is to be a traveler, not a tourist. As Gilbert K. Chesterton, famous travel writer, said, “The traveler sees what he sees; the tourist sees what he has come to see.”

Now, about the second part of the advice, what do I mean by travel “awesome”? Traveling experiences that include the concepts below have always given me amazing satisfaction:

  • Learning: In fact, make learning the core of your experience. Learn as much as you can through experiences, learn about the history of the place through the local stories, eat and live like the locals. Learn to unlearn and learn to be your best self.
  • Doing good. You are visiting someone else´s hometown, so why not give back? Traveling is a ginormous industry, and I am confident that if travelers dedicated a small part of their trip to do good, the world would be significantly better (Article coming on how to do good in a better way.-Yes, there are wrong ways to do good).
  • Connecting: Take some time alone to connect with yourself and do some introspection. Bond with your fellow travelers during the trip. Travel friends become your family! Also, bond with local experts! You can learn something valuable and somehow add them value, so meet with experts and pick on their brain. Finally, and incredibly importantly, connect with the locals. There is no better way to make new friends and get to know the authentic culture of the place. Be empathetic, caring and respectful, never be paternalistic.
  • Having fun and daring: I guess I don´t really have to dig much into this one, but as Richard Branson says, “Life is a helluva lot more fun if you say yes rather than no.” Dare to do things that you normally wouldn’t, and always have in mind the mission of making the best out of it.

Get out there, travel, and travel awesome!

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Camilo Russi
Co-founder at
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